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How To Find Your Next 'BEST' Client or Customer
This presentation crystallizes 10 tips to save time, money and grow your business fast. Download presentation outline.

Refresh Your Brand Persona Perspective
Rebranding is more than refreshing your logo. In this lively presentation go behind the scenes to learn insider tips on how to define and catapult a new brand persona into the marketplace.

Learn how to build a persona that can be sustained for the next chapter of your organization.

Discover how your persona simplifies your business development message, and helps create a memorable story to reach your next 'BEST' client. Download presentation outline.

Recent attendees comment
"The presentation was great. Laural solidified our qualifying process, helped us understand how to get in the minds and hearts of our clients, and how to generate more business working with clients we love."
– C. Whone

"I loved your dynamism! I learned new ways of qualifying customers, and that I can choose my customers and should qualify them earlier than I used to." – S. Shahane

An event organizer shares
"Laural Carr has been my "Go To person" for resources, ideas and expertise in client and market engagement for 25 years. As a Charter Member of TiE Ottawa, the world's largest network of entrepreneurs, we seek to bring best practices to our membership. To this end, I sought to share Impagination's expertise in a workshop format. What a hit! The group was enlightened; but more importantly, left with tangible and practical tools to use to win and maintain new business." – M. Brady

Seminar, webinar and workshop formats can be personalized for your specific group, team or organization.

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Leo Angart's vision training workshop and book is helping many exercise their ability to see naturally and throw away their glasses.

Participants from the first three workshops are impressed with the results and share their thoughts:

I got a clear understanding of how my vision works and the steps I can take to improve it.
I never got that with any eye doctors before.

- Liz Nash

Everybody could interact with Leo and ask questions.
I didn't need my glasses after the first session of the workshop - Amazing!

- Vladimir Krcmar

I haven't worn glasses all day. Usually my eyes would be puffy and red by now.
- Mark Caspi

Contact us to purchase Leo Angart's vision re-training book, "Improve your Eyesight Naturally" or to be added to the email list for more information.

For more information about vision training, visit www.vision-training.com.


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