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Dear WWLHIN innovators,

Congratulations on participating in the Wound Care Challenge!

We are coming to the end of the first week of the challenge and the conversations are starting to pick up. We have been hearing a lot about (insert comment summarizing most commonly discussed topic). Be sure to weigh in on these issues by commenting and voting!

You can also communicate with us or participate in the challenge simply by replying to this email.

Introducing Katie Hagel, our Innovation Consultant!

Katie is our Innovation Consultant and she will be leading us through this exploration of the wound care problem space. She also works for the Centre for Effective Practice and has lots of experience in solving problems in the health care system. Thanks Katie!

Katie wants to know which types of transitions are the most challenging and why? Promote what you think is the most challenging transition here!

Types of Transitions

  1. Patient to provider
  2. Home based community nurse providing care to primary care
  3. Care coordinator centralling coordinating care to primary care
  4. Primary care to specialist

Wound Care Challenge Stats

Creative Ideas: 19 Amazing Comments: 36 Innovative Participants: 33

Housekeeping Items

  • Look out for the next challenge update email that will be sent out next week!

Have a great rest of the day!

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Johanna Bannis

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