March 2020 Special eUpdate - Our team is here for you, but not necessarily at our usual desks. We’re sharing where we are and what we’ve learned since “business un-usual” began last week.
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March 2020 Special eUpdate

Welcome to Business Un–Unsual!

Our services are essential and our team is here for you, but not necessarily at our usual desks. We're sharing where we are and what we've learned since "business un-usual" began last week.

Lois Smith
Lois Smith
I'm enjoying my downtown office. It provides a sense of security and a familiar routine that can now seem so distant. Communicating in this uncertain environment helps. I find comfort from reaching out to our clients. Many are as concerned about us as they are about their portfolios. Showing care for one another is so important right now.

Rodney Falconer
Rodney Falconer
It has been a very crazy week. The stand-out image to me is having my three kids sitting on the floor of the Mexico airport playing cards together. All around was chaos – people mad, rude with each other, wearing gloves and masks – but our kids were content. Lisa and I agreed to be calm in front of the kids, so they would not worry. Our actions and words impact how others will feel. The same is true for our clients. If we remain calm, our clients will follow our lead.

Lira Lamaca
Lira Lamaca
I can count on my colleagues. Given the unusual circumstances and being short–handed this week, I am grateful to be able to rely on a few individuals for their knowledge and expertise.

Lira Lamaca
Meredith Mercer
This week I discovered that if I put my focus on helping others, I also help myself. Let's focus on what we can do and move forward.

No matter where you are, you know where we are. Don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

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