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Smith Falconer Financial Group

August 2018 eUpdate

7th Annual Summer Reads

Summer is finally here! It's become a tradition to share our team's favourite summer reads. Whether it's for a weekend on the beach or a rainy afternoon inside, here are some of the books we recommend this summer.

Lois recommends My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout.

With complications following surgery, Lucy is hospitalized for months. Her estranged Mother comes to visit and stays with her for 5 days. Their conversations cross the class divide that has caused friction in their relationship. Lucy loves that her Mother is with her and more than the words exchanged, she is just so happy to hear her voice. In some ways a tragic story, we can celebrate Lucy's ability to see kindness in others and notice the beauty of nature around her. It is her salvation.

My Name is Lucy Barton is the author's fifth of six books. It's a compelling story written in the first person, and the author captures Lucy's voice brilliantly. I found it engaging from the first page. This is a powerful narrative about a profound mother-daughter bond, the desire to become a writer, her marriage and her childhood. It is deeply human and truly unforgettable. A compelling read for anyone! It was long listed for the Booker Prize in 2016 and was adapted to become a play in London starring Laura Linney as Lucy Barton that has received great critical acclaim.

Rodney recommends Everyday Heroes by Jody Mitic.

This book is a collection of personal stories of men and women who have served (or are serving) in the Canadian Armed Forces. These stories are about courage, sacrifice and perseverance. We all have bad days, but this book was a wonderful reminder to me of how lucky I am to live the life I do and to live in the country I do. Men and women sacrifice their lives daily so that we can enjoy the freedom we do and it was a wonderful experience for me to read and learn more about these amazing women and men and what they have done and are doing for their country.

What are you reading this summer, and have you read any of the books on our list? Share your favourite books with us by replying to this email.

Wishing you a wonderful summer season!

Very best regards,
CIBC Wood Gundy

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