Dear Valued Carey International Customer,

As part of our continuing commitment to provide a superior customer experience for our passengers and those that arrange transportation for them, Carey International is pleased to announce that on April 16th 2016, we will be providing a new Short Message Service (SMS), notification option for all our Carey® and Embarque® travelers.

SMS, otherwise known as "text", notification, is a simple communication that sends an SMS text message to the passenger's mobile device to convey information helpful for the fulfillment of a trip-not unlike pre-flight SMS messages travelers receive from airlines.

All travelers will be able to receive 24-Hour Pre-Trip Confirmation Notifications (available in all service cities) and Trip Status Notifications (available in select service cities). The Pre-Trip Confirmation Notifications simply reminds a traveler of their upcoming service with Carey or Embarque, assuring a traveler will not forget their appointment. The Trip Status Notifications will make it easier for passengers to locate their chauffeur as it will provide the reservation number, the scheduled pick-up time, and the chauffeur's contact information directly to the traveler.

The purpose of these notifications is to improve the passenger's experience with Carey and Embarque services by helping to solve one of the chauffeured transportation industry's greatest challenges: connecting the traveler with their driver at the pick-up location. These notifications will not contain marketing messages or invitations to book transportation directly with Carey or join any promotion or loyalty program.

Carey International's SMS notifications will apply to passenger profiles that contain a valid mobile number and will be offered only for trips that take place in select US Cities where the service is available. Of course, any of your passengers can opt-out by visiting their passenger profile and changing their notification preferences or texting the word "STOP" to the SMS sender. Click Here to for opt-in/opt-out instructions.

We hope that you encourage your travelers to take advantage of this new service to enhance their experience with our family of brands. We thank you for your continued partnership and invite you to visit the FAQs section to address questions you may have.


The Carey International Team